November 11, 2009

A Thesis I Should've Written.

The only reason I say that is that this thesis I found is essentially an ethnography of women in table top gaming. It's titled ENCOUNTERS AT THE IMAGINAL CROSSROADS: AN EXPLORATION OF THE EXPERIENCES OF WOMEN IN ROLE-PLAYING GAMES written by Christopher J. Dyszelski. It was written in 2006 as Dyszelski's disertation. In his abstract he describes his paper as thus:

Ethnographically, this study documents the history and experiences of women in the
culture of gaming. It presents profiles of a diversity of female gamers and explores historically
the ways that women have established themselves as members of this culture and shaped this
traditionally male dominated hobby. It also examines a multiplicity of opinions about and
experiences of sexism, prejudice, and discrimination of women in gaming.

It sounds similar to what I would like to do with this blog, but I don't want to stop with a thesis.

The plan is to read this chapter at a time and to see what Dyszelski discovered, and see what happens when I do my own investigation. I'll report on my findings, don't worry folks.

Still looking for people for interviews--don't think that I have given up on that! I'm hoping that WolfCon will bring more people to talk to and more opinions.

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  1. I'd be interested in hearing what you thought.

    Christopher Dyszelski, Ph.D.