November 02, 2009

Question of the Week #7

Hello Everyone, It's time for another Question of the Week.

Do you think that women are more open about their hobby when it comes to table top RPGs than men, or less so?  Why do you think that is?

Also, sorry for last week being somewhat sparse, I'm working on making sure that doesn't happen again.


  1. I think more often than not women are more likely to keep their RPG hobby close to their chest. However, this is probably more likely due to the negative stereotype of RPG gaming in general.

  2. The women I know that are open are very open about it. But almost in all cases (again, just my experiences here) men tend to self-identify as "role-players" more so than women do.
    The women that do tend to say "I am a gamer".

  3. I think men and women are equally open about it when it comes up in conversation, but like Tim said, women tend to identify themselves by their hobbies less often than men do.