November 09, 2009

Question of the Week #8

Sorry this is late, I posted it in the wrong blog. But here is it in all its glory.

Do you think that the female presence in the RPG industry needs to be stronger, or is the presence strong enough?

Please discuss!


  1. I'm all for having more people regardless of gender in the hobby I love but I'm not sure if the presence of Women needs to be increased or even how that would even occur.
    An organic increase, where gals are drawn to the hobby for love of the game, start writing material, get hired by companies, and create some quality material is one thing. Enforcing some mandatory hiring policy where fifty-plus percent have to be women even to the detriment of the game is another.

    I'm only interested in having the hobby get better not fulfilling some PC/ feminist agenda.

  2. I think the tabletop RPG scene will survive without any changes in the proportion of women participants.

    However, I think that in the interests of more than mere survival there are some good benefits to broadening the range of people who are in that scene. Since RPGs can be story-making activities, an increase in the variety of backgrounds will result in an increase in the variety of stories.

    So, the hobby doesn't need more women in order to survive, but having more women would help it to flourish.

  3. I really don't look at a game and lament, "If only it had more of a woman's touch..." I don't think the gender of the writer, artist, editor, publisher, etc. of a game has any real bearing on the quality of the product. It's the creativity and/or competence of the people involved, and a truly talented game writer can write for a wide range of interests, differing genders included.

  4. I would like to to see more women in the hobby. If we take typically marketing psychology at face value then more women who help produce a product the more women will purchase and support a product and the more likely the product will continue to thrive.

    One of the major effects I would see of an increased female presence is a move to family style gaming.

    We do have some great designers and writers out there now that also just happen to be female. I think that is a great thing.