November 06, 2009

More on WolfCon: Happenings and My Involvement

I understand that my last post on WolfCon may have seemed a bit random, but I assure you it has some purpose here.  The weekend after Thanksgiving Thursday I am going to be at WolfCon to talk to people about the 20 Sided Women Project.  I'm talking to the people who run the Con about having an event where I am going to have a general discussion about Women in Gaming.  We're thinking about the format and how it should work, since WolfCon has never had an event quite like that before.

In the mean time, if you are in the Chicago area and would like to play an RPG at WolfCon but don't know how it's working out, you should come to a character creation session for the AD&D game they're running at WolfCon.  It is Wednesday, November 11th, at 6:00pm, at the Great American Bagel on 1248 W. Belmont in Chicago.  Anyone with any range of experience is invited to come make a character to play at WolfCon.

The guys running WolfCon want women gamers to know that they are very welcome and that there will be plenty of RPGs for them.  They really want to make it comfortable for them and want to know how to get more women to their con.  Not only am I happy to help and inform but I do plan to play/run/help out with an event here and there.

I'll post more details on exactly my involvement when things are finalized.


  1. I went there this evening. I arrived at about 6:10pm. There was no group. =( I checked back around 7ish and still no group. was it cancelled?

  2. If it was I didn't know :( Sorry that happened, I'll try to see what happened with that.