November 30, 2009

Question of the Week #11

I will be writing about WolfCon in the next coming days, including a great interview I got while I was there.  I also had some great experiences with people in general, and who could not resist a weekend of board games and RPGS.

WolfCon has partly inspired my question of the week:

If you are thinking of joining a game at a convention, are you put more at ease if you know that you are not the only one of your gender?

I will be writing my response to this question soon, but first your opinions.


  1. Absolutely! Being the only girl at the table can be awkward, especially if you don't know anyone at the table.

  2. I generally don't have this problem being a guy, but being a shy person in general it never helps me to feel like a fifth wheel or the outside. Since gender is such a ready label people can apply it can get intimidating. I can see how being the only anything in a group can be intimidating to the point of not wanting to partake in activities at all.

  3. It's bad enough sitting down at a convention table. You don't know the people there or the dynamic of the table. I imagine being the only person of any type (female, cyborg, shaktar, etc.) makes it that much more of a challenge.