April 26, 2010

How to go forward

Hello all,

I am finding myself in a place where I can actually devote more time to this project, but I'm wondering if the interviews are productive at this point.  I am wondering if a survey at first would be good--but how would I do a survey that would actually be honest?  I envision it to be as informative as the Hite report, with probably less controversy.

I'm also wondering if I should see the "relevance" women's studies would have to women in the RPG world.  Start doing some academic research.

But I do have time now to come back to this, I hope.  I'm planning my next step, and you all should get word about it soon.


  1. I can help you design a survey if you like, but a well done "honest" survey is a lot of work. It sounds (reads?) like you have something else in mind anyway.

  2. Hey D20Sapphire... where you gone too? :(

  3. I found your blog because Loquacious' talks over at World of Wonder have got me searching out more female perspectives in gaming.

    This is relevant to both sexes. I think there's still a divide, even though I see more groups these days with both genders. Geek/Nerdology is still viewed as a predominantly male hobby.

    I'm quite curious to read more and share my own insights.