October 19, 2009

Question of the Week #5

I really loved reading last week's discussion, I hope to get another one just as good going.

Question of the Week
How much have you seen video games affect female participation in your table top RPG community?  Has the affect been positive, negative, or no affect at all?

And look out tomorrow for another exciting post.


  1. Honestly I have not seen any change in female participation due to the increase in publically female videogamers. Female videogamers are still unique. Having your girlfriend say "I enjoyed this videogame, can we play more like it?" is still a rare occurrence and leads to whole threads being created online and NOT scoffed at.

    However, most people approach videogames with knowledge they gained from Pong and think it's still relevent. That's like approaching Star Trek with the knowledge that Kirk wears yellow. Or like approaching table top gaming when all you know is the Reno911 sketch with "Boots of Escaping".

  2. I've never noticed a relationship between the two.

    I think women tend to specialize their hobbies more--like a chick might be really into video games, but give no more than a glance at pen and paper RPGs, and vice versa, while guys are more likely to try a little bit of everything: cards, minis, consoles, computers, boardgames, pen and paper, etc. and play whatever's available at the time. Girls are more cautious, investing their time and resources in what they already like, or have observed enough to be reasonably sure they will like it.