October 05, 2009

Question of the Week #3

Here we are with another question of the week!  Also, I hope to see some more people around for some side commentary at the big geek meetup happening at the Mystic Celt in Chicago tonight.  Here is some info,  come if you can.  I would love to meet some readers.

And now the question of the week...

How easy has it been to find female gamers in your local RPG community?  Do you think it has anything to do with your location, or something else?


  1. Honestly never went out of my way to find people to play an RPG, I've always had friends who wanted to play. The only real option if I wanted to actively search for new people is to post online (craigslist maybe) and hope for people to see it or post on the board at the local game store.

    Not having a necessity for those I suspect this is a non-answer :P

  2. I have trouble finding people to game with in general; i blame rural living, which creates an environment of few gamers that are spread very far in opposite directions. However, when i do find someone online (usually male) who is "local enough" and either willing to travel or host, we manage to pull together a group that includes wives and girlfriends--probably because so much travel time is involved! But most of them who weren't already gamers either end up playing, or at least humoring their men enough to hang around, so i think our ratio of females to males ends up being higher than city group averages.

  3. There habit or tendency of gamers to migrate or search for other games are low in my observation. Almost all gamers find it a bonding exercise to do with those long familiar, 2 or 3 I know like to use it to meet new people and experience a new game. Women tend to be more guarded and tend to be of the former, this is an aspect of Philippine culture as people are generally less sociable (because of it is more crowded). Metro Manila having 10% of the Philippine population, its a good gauge of the norm.