September 25, 2009

We are not alone.

In my last post I talked about a response to my question on a forum, and how I particularly didn't like dismissing an issue.  I apparently was not the only one.  Another poster responded, and stated a lot of the same points I did.

You can finally see what was said here, if you haven't figured it out already.  I was a little embarrassed before to share the link because I felt I might be a little sensitive to the situation.  I almost felt like I was being attacked.  It looks like I am not the only one that feels that way.

As you can tell I've had a bit of an interview drought but I haven't stopped looking!  There will be more of that soon.  Also going to a few events where I hope to meet some more contacts.  Keep spreading the word!   The blog is off to a fantastic start.  :D


  1. Tzuriel is very well spoken, and I particularly appreciated the last paragraph that was basically "yeah this sounds angry cuz i am, cuz you're ignorant," because that was what I was thinking the entire time too.

    For what it's worth: even if discrimination does not exist, women who game do, and their role is of COURSE different because women and men are different and anyone who doesn't allow for the legitimacy of this project either has not been in the geek community for very long is or is particularly unobservant.

  2. The second commenter (SF) is just wrong:

    "Half of almost any discrimination is created by the self-perception of the one being discriminated against."

    He also suggests that it won't be a problem if everyone ignores it. Maybe he didn't really mean to come off as intolerant, but it's hard to interpret that any other way.

  3. Thanks for noticing that one Eastwood. That is definitely one of the comments that bothered me the most. I almost went on a rant about how history has shown us otherwise in my previous post about SF's response, but I decided that there are better venues for that discussion. On this blog I can only focus on one difference.