September 09, 2009

Reading Project

During my interview with Calin he suggested I look for the book Confessions of a Part-time Sorceress. I think I will go buy the book soon (it wasn't in stores today) but before I read it I went to look for the reviews on Amazon.

It seems most of them are on the extremes of the spectrum. Either the book is appreciated for bringing light a hobby to the fairer sex, or it's a travesty of female stereotyping. Either it's a gateway for women to at least understand Dungeons and Dragons, or it's dumbing it down for people who aren't that dumb.

Part of the reason I want to read is to see which side of that line I am on. Part of it is to see if Shelly Mazzanoble has similar experiences to me and the female gamers I talk to. So hopefully in the future I will have a review for you all... I just need to order the book since it seems no book store has it.

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