February 08, 2010

I Feel I Should Explain The Situation

It's been a long time, hasn't it.

When I stopped consistently posting here, things at my job started to get stressful.  Being the sensitive person I am, the worries of others, and my own worries about even just getting paid on time, let alone if I want to stay at my job, would ring in my head.  The way I cope with a lot of stress is to proceed to relax as much as possible.  Unfortunately, this coping strategy has taken me away from this project, and all the other projects I love.  I have no problem doing more work for something I love when I'm not worried about being employed or having a paycheck.  But when I am worried, the only way I feel "normal" and function well is if I only worry about one big thing at a time.

And unfortunately I did not attend to this project.  And I feel awful about it.  This is something I really want to pursue, even to the point of doing an experiment.  But I've failed to do that.  I'm sincerely sorry.

As soon as I know (which will be relatively soon) how things are going at my job, I will be back on this blog talking about gender in RPGs.  It's a topic I'm not going to give up on.  And all the support I've received from the get go reminds me how important this project is.

I hope to be posting consistently on this blog again soon.


      d20 Sapphire


  1. *like button!*

    Oh wait, this isn't Facebook :P

  2. I've had that happen to me a time or two before, so I know how it goes. Do what you gotta do, Sapphire. I'll be watching this space.

  3. Looking forward to seeing more of your blogs. Heard you have a webcast. Thought I could get to it from here. Any suggestions?

  4. I have a webcast on 20sidedwoman.blogspot.com that my boyfriend and I do. Feel free to listen there. :)